Venture Philanthropy, social growth accelerator

The AlphaOmega foundation and its network are bringing financial, strategic and operational support to the best educational charities for them to scale up and boost social mobility upwards.


In France, nearly 2 million disadvantaged students are struggling at school. It is not a matter of fate.

Avoid dropping out, get academic and career counselling, find a job: AlphaOmega selects the most impactful charities at each milestone of the educational path to make education a lever for employment and growth for the entire nation.


The know-how of Private equity for Public good

The AlphaOmega Foundation was born out of a question: How to accelerate the growth of the charities capable of taking our societal challenges on a large scale ?

After launching Private Equity in France in the 1970s, Maurice Tchenio decided to import Venture Philanthropy in 2010 to put his expertise in structuring and growing organisations at the service of the charity sector. For nearly 10 years, the Foundation has been bringing together financial and business leaders who share its conviction: by structuring social leaders in the same way as high-potential companies are structured, they will be able to scale and have a sustainable societal impact.


Our impact

7 leading charities accompanied by

15 skill-based sponsors

260,000 young people supported

160,000 teachers trained

10,000 employees and volunteers involved


Our conviction

Leaders of high-impact associations need to be better supported in their growth

The AlphaOmega foundation and its network are bringing financial, strategic and operational support to the best educational charities for them to scale up and boost social mobility upwards.


With AlphaOmega's financial, strategic and operational support, we intend to multiply the impact of our actions by 2021 and help 100,000 young people of modest backgrounds to choose their orientation each year.

Benjamin Blavier & Boris Walbaum , Co-founders of Article 1

AlphaOmega helped us, along with the help of Oliver Wyman, to transform our business model in order to involve the 250 cities that benefit from our engineering services in our financing, and to ensure the sustainability of our social action.

Arnaud Langlois-Meurinne , President of Coup de Pouce

The AlphaOmega Foundation occupies a special place. In addition to making an economic contribution, it provides us with support in our strategic thinking as well as operational support on key issues.

Philippe Korda , Founding President of Energie Jeunes

AlphaOmega provides us with the resources and expertise necessary to succeed in two major challenges: to make and Manag'Educ the reference platforms for the professional development of teachers and school leaders, so that all those involved in the transformation of the school can share their best teaching practices.

Florence Rizzo , Founder and Co-Director of SynLab

The AlphaOmega Foundation supports us in developing the activities and results of the E2Cs in response to the new challenges of the legislative and regulatory changes in vocational training.

Alexandre Schajer , President of the E2C France Network

By supporting us on a daily basis in the professionalization of our structure and offer, the AlphaOmega Foundation plays an essential role in the continued growth of our charity.

Julien Leclercq , President of Entreprendre pour Apprendre

Afev will continue its transformation roadmap drawn up with Oliver Wyman, along with the decisive support of AlphaOmega, which aims to double the number of young people in scholar difficulty mentored by volunteer students by 2021.

Christophe Paris , Managing Director of Afev

A successful country is a country where every young person can succeed.