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Entreprendre pour apprendre (EPA)

A key player in the discovery of the professional world through entrepreneurship

*The social mission:
Enable each young person to be the entrepreneur of their own life, whatever their age, social background and orientation choices, by experimenting business creation over one school year.

The system
The mini-company-EPA: young people, accompanied by their teacher and a sponsor from the professional world, create a life-size company. An entrepreneurial and collective experience based on active pedagogy to encourage young people to be the entrepreneur of their lives, whatever their choice of orientation.

The beneficiaries
33,000 young people aged 8 to 25 including 8,150 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds

Ambition within 3 years
Support 100,000 young people per year.


Mon père m’a dit : avec cette Mini Entreprise, tu as appris en un an ce que j'ai appris en trente ans de métier.