Our associations


1st association for the prevention of early school failure

The social mission
Prevent illiteracy by supporting the most socially vulnerable children in the acquisition of basic knowledge, and by recreating a link between their families and school.

The system
Coup de Pouce is made up of clubs of 5 children, who meet every evening after school for fun activities in order to overcome their difficulties in reading, writing and mathematics and start school with confidence. The facilitator gives parents keys to actively participate in their child's success, regardless of their own academic background.

The beneficiaries 12,000 children from primary school and their families.79% of good and average readers at the end of Year 2 (CP).

Ambition within 3 years Support 20,000 children per year.


Le travail en petit groupe et la régularité des séances permettent cette belle progression des élèves. Le Coup de Pouce, c’est 100% de réussite chaque année à Epinpay-sous-Sénart !