Change scale

Change the scale of high impact charities to relaunch the social ladder

Leading charities in social innovation are to public institutions what new entrants are to large companies: agile organizations that can quickly detect emerging problems and create innovative solutions to respond efficiently. The leaders of these charities, visionary field actors, have succeeded in carrying out their social action in many territories thanks to their exceptional capacity for mobilization and commitment. In just a few years, a few leading charities have succeeded in supporting 10% of their target beneficiaries.

Once this threshold is reached, they are slowed down in their development by the lack of financing stability, in addition to their difficulty to finance salaried employment, the strategic and operational tools that are essential to multiply their impact on a larger scale.

Our conviction : The leaders of high impact charities have to be accompanied in their growth like high potential entrepreneurs are in the private sector to solve our societal challenges on a large scale. This is the raison d'être of Venture Philanthropy, a philanthropy focused on social growth.

Change scale

Our conviction

The leaders of high impact charities must be supported in their growth.

Change scale

Because a successful country is a country where every young person can succeed

the AlphaOmega foundation selects organizations with the potential to have an effective systemic impact in the education and employment of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in France. AlphaOmega is inspired by Private Equity structuring methods to increase the operational efficiency of leading educational charities and enable them to accelerate their growth. Our teams are working closely with the leaders of the charities, major economic and financial players and public authorities to boost upward social mobility.

Change scale

The Venture Philanthropy

Structure high impact charities to accelerate their growth

5 selection criterias


Identify charities with high growth potential

  • Field of intervention : education and employment of disadvantaged youth

  • Maturity : > 10,000 young people supported / year and 3 years of activity

  • Territory : France

  • Budget : > 1M€ / year

  • Leadership : The change of scale is the strategic priority of the leading team

Due diligence (6 to 9 months)

Evaluate the potential growth of the organisation

Establish a development plan for 3/5 years

Our team carries out an in-depth financial and structural diagnosis over 6 to 9 months.. Social impact / Structuration / Management

**Social impact **

  • Number of beneficiaries
  • Scientifically validated program
  • Positioning in the ecosystem (partnerships, competition)

**Structuration **

  • Accounting and financial audit
  • Financing
  • Human resources
  • Operational management

**Management **

  • Governance
  • Leadership of the management team
  • Partnership agreement


Transmit our know-how in structuring and growing organizations to change scale

AlphaOmega's teams work closely and over the long term with the management and operational teams of each association to strengthen the structure and accelerate its growth.




1€ invested through AlphaOmega = 4€ of social impact

For every euro you invest in our charities, AlphaOmega and its partners invest 3€ in internal and external skills sponsorship, and financial donations, thus creating a multiplier effect.



At the end of the partnership, the charities have achieved operational efficiency and financial sustainability that allows them to continue their growth.

Change scale

Impact measurement is at the heart of the venture philanthropy model

We support our associations on 3 dimensions:


Maximize their social efficiency
Our associations develop rigorous impact assessment methods, in collaboration with research, to continuously optimize their programs.


Develop their financial sustainability
AlphaOmega transmits its financial culture to the charities in its portfolio by training them on 2 major levers:

  • Development and diversification of resources
  • The financial strategy: construction, management and performance monitoring

Fostering growth
For nearly 10 years, we have been investing in the structuring of major charities in education to enable them to support more and more disadvantaged young people towards success.


The impact study provides us with crucial new information. It identifies the typical student profiles on which we already have a strong impact, and those on which our impact is still too weak. It distinguishes between our well-received messages and those on which we need to change our approach. On this basis, we are working with the Scientific Committee to continue to improve the effectiveness of the program as of the 2019 Re-entry.

Philippe Korda , President of Energie Jeunes, March 2019
Change scale

Growth in the number of beneficiaries supported by our charities