Orientation is one of the decisive turning points in the educational process.

Each year, senior high school students must choose from 14,000 undergraduate courses on ParcoursSup. A challenge for all future baccalaureate graduates, and more particularly for the less privileged high school students, who often lack a guide to help them navigate a complex post-baccalaureate system and make the best choices for their future. AlphaOmega therefore chose to support the growth of Article 1, an association that is a reference in the guidance of young people from working class backgrounds.

Being the result of the merging of Frateli and Passeport Avenir, Article 1 works for a society where orientation, academic success and professional integration do not depend on social, economic and cultural origins. Every year, the association supports more than 80,000 future baccalaureate graduates in their orientation path through its Inspire program. Approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, this post-baccalaureate orientation support programme offers a free website, open to all, and the possibility of exchanging with "scouting" students in order to refine your project. Face-to-face workshops led by students and professionals from partner high schools also provide support for nearly 13,000 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The objective of Boris Walbaum and Benjamin Blavier (respectively founders of Frateli and Passeport Avenir and co-presidents of Article 1) is to double the number of beneficiaries within 3 years.

"We want to change scale to create more social mobility and transform our country. For us, it means multiplying our impact on the fronts of guidance, academic success and access to the most qualified jobs so that only potential, work and aspirations count." Benjamin Blavier & Boris Walbaum, Co-founders of Article 1

A change of scale that requires rethinking the organization for it to support its growth. AlphaOmega's expertise in structuring and growing organizations will be a real asset in making this large-scale educational project a reality. Article 1 and AlphaOmega have defined 3 strategic axes to achieve this: the definition of the development plan, the reinforcement of the HR strategy and the formalization of the program quality process.