Support: an effective pedagogical posture to fight against school failure

On the 25th of September, Afev is organising the 12th Day of Refusal of School Failure on the theme of support. Emmanuel Davidenkoff, Editor-in-Chief of Le Monde Campus, will lead a major debate to understand how "walking together to learn" can constitute a pedagogical revolution in a French educational system known for its verticality.

Accompaniment, in other words the ability to listen, the propensity to decentralize ourselves in order to understand the difficulties of others and help them to solve them without acting in their place... is a key skill of the 21st century. In the national school tradition, the teacher is in a form of solitude and verticality towards the "class group" and our country has a lower propensity than others in the OECD for pedagogical differentiation and personalization of teaching. Nevertheless, the attention paid to the notion of educational support has been growing since the 1990s and a multitude of mechanisms have emerged within and outside the school institution, particularly in the context of school massification and the progressive heterogenization of the public.

To question the notion of accompaniment therefore raises the question of the evolution of forms of transmission (on the teacher's side) and learning (on the child's side): in groups, bilaterally, taking into account the relational and affect aspects. It also raises the question of the necessary attention to be paid to students with difficulties.

Support implies that you do not succeed alone, but because you have been surrounded, supported in a more or less formal way (in the family or friendly environment).

Who are the "educational guides" who can be mobilized by these young people in need of assistance and in particular the most vulnerable? What role do teachers, parents, peers, so-called "educational third parties" play? How do these bilateral, less formal modes of learning combine with traditional formal education practices? How does digital technology change the pedagogical postures of teachers (including a shift from vertical to horizontal)? These are all questions that Afev would like to ask on the 12th edition of the Day of Refusal of Failure at School, which will be devoted to support, an opportunity for the association to focus on its historical mentoring program: individual support. It should be recalled that AFEV is the first student mentoring network for young people in working-class neighbourhoods. See you on September 25th!