The Essentials

In 2013 in France, 1,580,000 young people aged 15 to 29 (13.8% of that age group) were neither in school, nor in training, nor in employment: these are the "NEETs" ("Not in Education, Employment or Training"), an Anglo-Saxon concept that has been adopted at the European level. Among these NEETs, 56% were unemployed and 44% were inactive.

At AlphaOmega, we consider NEETs as the best indicator of the state of our youth as it is more exhaustive than the unemployment rate, and more relevant than an exclusive focus on "dropouts" who are only one of the many causes of the problem.

Alongside the practical action that AlphaOmega leads by supporting charities that aim to give every young person from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to access education and employment, we have decided, through these "Essentials", to today be an observatory in France, and tomorrow a center of expertise on the topic of disadvantaged youth.

We now publish on our website the analyzes we have carried out and those that we will study in the future.

The idea is to, through summary sheets, communicate our knowledge at a given moment of the information we have collected, their sources, their reliability, our questions, our critical analysis, the lessons we have learned, and possible courses of action. Our goal is to eventually become a lobbying force in dealing with public authorities to ensure that the rate of "NEETs" in our country is reduced to the minimum and that the problems of troubled youth, which are so serious and so fundamental for our country, are treated more effectively.

I would like to invite you to discover our "Essentials" fact sheets, the first one being dedicated to those often forgotten by statistics, the "NEETs".

Maurice Tchenio
The AlphaOmega Foundation