Our ambition :
to help disadvantaged young people in France

Through education and access to employment

  • Children and young people are the future of our society.
    Yet, at an age when they are forging their identities, they are increasingly excluded from our society. They fall into a downward spiral of failures that jeopardise their future.
  • We firmly believe in the role of:

Every year, 100,000 pupils leave primary school without acquiring basic skills

Every year, 96,000 young people leave school without a degree

1 in 4 people under the age of 25 is unemployed

To support successful charities

Our aim is to help develop solutions that have proven their efficiency

  • We support charities and socially-driven enterprises that help disadvantaged young people through education and employment

  • These charities work on minimising risks or providing solutions to the problems that young people face during their schooling and their professional integration

  • Early school years
  • Primary/Secondary school
  • End of secondary school
  • Studies leading to a degree (professional education, higher education)
  • Successful professional integration

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