The first European crowd-funding platform for social micro-credit

''We are delighted to have accompanied Arnaud Poissonnier and his team, and allowed Babyloan to reach a new stage in its development.
On this occasion, Babyloan becomes and will remain the first

Maurice Tchenio


The website gives individuals and companies the opportunity to provide small interest-free loans to micro-entrepreneurs. The members choose the online project they wish to sponsor through a social loan from 10 euros.
These social loans granted to those excluded from the traditional banking system give them the opportunity to develop a revenue-generating activity. The objective of Babyloan is to encourage new forms of solidarity among the general public and businesses, by "making loans as natural as donations" and demonstrating its multiplier effect, by the logic of "re-loan".


Since its creation in 2008 and up to end 2014:
- € 9.4m in cumulative loans
- 20,600 micro-entrepreneur projects financed
- Present in 18 countries, including France
- 31,500 online members

In 2014:
- 264,000 euros in sales
- 8 employees

Results of the partnership

After a 3-year partnership, the mission that we had set was completed end 2014:
- Search launched for a strategic partner;
- Increase in sales begun: the change in rates has significantly increased micro-credit revenues (38% increase compared to the previous rates, at constant business volume);
- Control of business fundamentals to optimize revenues;
- Adapted organization for an Internet website, capable of supporting a rise in its activity.


Investment date: November 2011
End of the partnership: Novembre 2014
Total committed amount: € 300k
- Financial commitment: € 150k (convertible bonds)
- Management support: equivalent value

Leverage effect:
- € 170k collected and € 78k negotiated in pro bono services, i.e. a leverage effect of 0,83 on our investment